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High Ropes

High ropes are the ultimate stag experience and should be a part of every stag weekend! Hilariously funny, truly memorable you will be talking about after the wedding we guarantee it! its a real team activity so great if you haven’t seen each other for a while or you are bringing friends and family together for the first time.

Ok it is scary but in a brilliant way and if you really do not want to go up, you can have as much fun on the ground belaying your stag up a 20 foot wobbly pole – the High All Aboard – before he jumps for his life – will he catch the trapeze. Depends if we are very mean and move it so far away its impossible!

There are five different elements to choose from and depending on how long you want to spend on the Ropes you get to do at least two. Unless you just want a one hour taster to scare your stag and you get to do one element.

The Jacobs Ladder is another brilliant team activity and one of the funniest, can you get your team to the top of the ladder (did we say its 20 foot high) but the higher you go the further apart the ladder rungs  – oops!

Lots of head standing and pulling and swearing on this one.

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